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Pinterest For Fun And Profit

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So how do you go about building a following on Pinterest?  For those of you who don’t already recognize the name, Pinterest is a fast-paced pinboard where you can share pictures and ideas with friends and followers. Find interesting pictures, websites, blogs, almost anything online that pertains to or reflects your business.  A restaurant might post pictures and recipes, a salon would give tips on grooming, clothier pins style and trend items…you get the picture.

It’s not about using your boards as a billboard to flash neon block letters at people, its about showing the public the human side of your company. Post funny items, share pictures of your staff (with or without lampshades), invite your customers to share information about your products and services.

Post pictures with links to your website too. You can encourage people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter as well.  Search by keyword for interesting pins by others and re-pin or comment to spread the word.  It should be fun, it should be informative and it should softly promote your business while building a network of followers.

Here are a few tips to make your Pinterest boards interesting and help drive customers to your website and business:

  • Make sure you put your website prominently in your profile
  • Use click-through images to encourage people to visit your website
  • Search for and follow other pinners to add interest and spread your own boards
  • Name your boards with catchy phrases to entice visitors
  • Share out your pins to all of your social media sites to maximize reach
  • Pin often to keep your content fresh
  • Add the Pin It! button to your website and blogs to help others share your posts
  • Most of all, have fun!

has nothing to do with my subject except that it so cute!

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I Vote For Chris Johnson

I’ve been reading all of the guest posts for the other nominees for QuickSchools Teacher of The Year contest and I think they are all wonderful teachers who should be recognized for their talents and dedication.  Why then am I voting for Chris Johnson?  Not because he is my brother although that has been true for 57 years and I can’t imagine a better brother (no offense Kevin), not because I think he needs an iPad (though he does love his toys) but because he is hands down the best teacher I have ever met.

I think fondly of several my own teachers and all they gave me so much that I feel I should share their names here too (Mrs. Achilles, Mrs. Kroll, Mrs. Nazzaro, Mr. Riley & Professor Nardin) and while they all gave 100% at school I have no idea what they were like in their private lives.  Chris Johnson lives his faith 100% of the time and that includes sharing his knowledge and wisdom every day with everyone he meets. The key to Chris’ excellence at teaching is that he SHARES, doesn’t recite or lecture, he pulls you into the subject and makes you yearn for more knowledge.

I hope Chris wins this contest to get the recognition for his talents but if not we who know him will always know that he is the best teacher we know anyway.

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What is Pinterest And How Can it Help My Business

  • Pinterest allows users to visually share their own images and videos on many subjects and react to those of others
  • The Pin It button on websites allows easy pinning and links back to the owner’s site
  • Add the Pin It button to your website for easy access for your visitors
  • Pinners can post or repost via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter or embed pins on their website or blog
  • If you use the Pin It button, each pin links back to you and while the links are no-follow which would help in your SEO efforts, you do get the benefits of users accessing your site with a single click
  • Link to your business Twitter account but not Facebook as there is no current connection to FB business pages
  • Be sure that you turn off the “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines” so you are indexed in searches
  • Avoid self promotion, this is a lifestyle and “people” site, not a structured advertisement.  It’s visual, it’s trendy and there should be attention-grabbing items not ads or lectures.
  • Create several boards with focused subjects (i.e. Cities I’ve Visited, My Favorite Recipes, Best Movie Quotes, etc.)
  • Search other interesting pins and follow or repost to build your network, engaging others is the name of this game
  • Personalize your company by adding candid shots of people in your office or add staff bios with pictures
  • simple data charts to make a point are good attention-getters, make sure there is a clear headline
  • Engage happy customers, create a board for their posts about why they like your company
  • Hold a contest and reward the coolest post
  • Whenever you can, add back links to your own page(s) to help drive traffic to your site
  • Pinterest supports hashtag usage just like Twitter & Google+ so you should use them to leverage an integrated cross channel connection
  • Along the lines of no self-promotion, follow the examples of Chobani who focuses on recipes for yogurt and lots of happy healthy people and endeavors rather than talking about their brand and their flavors.  It’s lifestyles and it’s personal. Likewise, Oreck has a board called “Furry Friends” with adorable kitties and puppies which of course would lead to pet hair that their vacuums can eradicate with their products…subtle not neon product promotion
  • Lastly, this is a visual site and all your tags, links and descriptive phrases take a back seat to great looking or amusing images, back up those great pics with lots of valuable information and watch traffic grow
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Chris Johnson-Teacher of the Year!

education, teacher of the year, QuickSchoolsI know that my brother, Chris Johnson, doesn’t think he is extraordinary, I know that he thinks he is just doing his job, and I know that all this attention is mortifying to him.  But I also know that he is a teacher every second of every day and a model of what a Christian should be to all who meet him.

For as long as I can remember I have looked up to Chris, first as a little sister and later as an adult who continues to marvel at the 48-hour per day pace he sets for himself at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  My brother is teacher, principal, coach, janitor, greeter and fundraiser extraordinaire and I commend him for his efforts. My children did not attend CCA as we live too far away but that is the only thing that kept me from enrolling them there. I would entrust my children to his leadership any day of the week.

He is funny, stern, guiding, patient but always loving and caring.  I thank the Lord for such a wonderful brother and am thrilled that others benefit from knowing him too.  I would love it if he wins the iPad but what I like best about this competition is the chance to share how great Chris Johnson is!

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Teacher of the Year – Chris Johnson

I was born 2 years after Chris and he’s been my big brother since then.  I’ve watched him go from high school athlete to an amazing teacher over the last 29 years and I am in awe of his patience (usually), his imagination (frequently) and his perseverance (always).

He’s also been a role model of Christian behavior for all of his adult life.  Quietly sharing the Word with everyone in his speech and actions has taught me that Christianity ins’t about knowing the verses by heart but living the verses in your heart.

I recommend Chris Johnson as QuickSchools Teacher of the Year, the Decade, the Century as I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of the honor.

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