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Chris Johnson-Teacher of the Year!

on April 30, 2012

education, teacher of the year, QuickSchoolsI know that my brother, Chris Johnson, doesn’t think he is extraordinary, I know that he thinks he is just doing his job, and I know that all this attention is mortifying to him.  But I also know that he is a teacher every second of every day and a model of what a Christian should be to all who meet him.

For as long as I can remember I have looked up to Chris, first as a little sister and later as an adult who continues to marvel at the 48-hour per day pace he sets for himself at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  My brother is teacher, principal, coach, janitor, greeter and fundraiser extraordinaire and I commend him for his efforts. My children did not attend CCA as we live too far away but that is the only thing that kept me from enrolling them there. I would entrust my children to his leadership any day of the week.

He is funny, stern, guiding, patient but always loving and caring.  I thank the Lord for such a wonderful brother and am thrilled that others benefit from knowing him too.  I would love it if he wins the iPad but what I like best about this competition is the chance to share how great Chris Johnson is!

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